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Talented Person View

It is the rules for selecting talents of Ledwalker technology Co., Ltd. to respect the human Being, make full use of human resources and train the talents; it is the talent competitive mechanic of Ledwalker technology  Co., Ltd. to select the talented people in the major positions, the medium-skilled people shall give places to the better ones and the common people lay off work; and it is the personnel policy of Ledwalker technology  Co., Ltd. to attract talented people with the great careers, sound welfare and treatment and true care.

Employee training & development

The company is human-oriented, respects the values and characteristics of human being。In terms of the occupation system design of its staff, the company has provided the multi-raceway development chances for the occupational development of its staff, like the management, technologies and business etc. so that every employee can choose the proper development channels pursuant to their own talents and strong points.

Salary &Welfare

Ledwalker offers competitive salaries, benefits, a good working and living environment. Constantly improves and develops the band-wide salary structure with supporting system, improve the income of high performance people.

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