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ODM stage

From September 2006 to February 2008 Ledwalker technical team provides control solution for customers.

OBM stage

We create Ledwalker brand with design-production-sales-service in our business

1. March 2008, we successfully developed LED flashlight and put into production.

2. April 2008, we successfully developed LED controllers and ledwalker edit software.

3. In March 2009, Ledwalker moved from Gushu of Xixiang to Huali Industial Park in Fuyong town, expanding from 300 square meters to 3500 square meters.

4. August 2010 ,Ledwalker got the import and export lisence and develops DMX wall washer, DMX meteor lights, DMX strip, DMX panel, DMX pixel, etc.

5. March 2011,Ledwalker becomes the only distributor in Asia of Madrix software products

6. April 2011, Ledwalker successfully developed the first version USB controller compatible with Madrix software and put into production.

7.October 2012,the commercial lighting series has been developed successfully and put into production.

8.July 2013, Ledwalker moved from Huali Industial Park toTongFuYu industrial zone in Fuyong town, expanding from 3500 square meters to11000 square meters. The productivity of the well has been greatly improved.

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