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Brand Explanation

The idea is transformed from the letter of LED. The design is based on round shape and green gradient color.
The green color symbolizes environment friendly and energy saving products. The middle of logo is transformed from letter L of LED.
The color gradient from top to bottom symbolizes that our company develops just like the sun rise with hope and vitality.

●Ledwalker goal

To be the top LED products and service provider in the world

To Be The Top Lighting Brand

●Ledwalker core values

Forward-looking:forward-looking is the master impulse of the firmest souls, and the key to the wisdom and wealth.

Innovation: Companies adhere to the person-centered concept, it is technically feasible large-scale production, as well as enterprise management actively explore and innovate forge ahead.

Sincerity:Treat people with sincerity, Ericsson the world. Our sales market is a win-win situation, adult Tatsu others to pay back the community for the business philosophy.

Dedicated: Respect professional ethics, hard work to complete the task, strive for excellence!

●Theory of Business

Sincerity-oriented, quality and trust

Care for customers as well as staff growth

●Management policy system

The pursuit of excellence quality to meet customer expectations

Abide by the laws and regulations, saving energy and reducing emissions;

Ensuring health and safety,create social value;

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